An Industry First–

For Co-cultured T-cells and Tumor cells

Use your current microscopy images to automatically quantify:

✓ T-Cell/Tumor Cell Interactions 
✓ Cellular Movement
✓ Synapse Formation
✓ Serial Killing Apoptosis

Complete tracking video, data, and report in less than 20 minutes.

How does it work?
You do the biology, we do the automated analysis.

microscopy lab coculture t-cells and tumor cells image


Use your microscopy lab to coculture T-Cells and tumor cells.

upload assay images to cloud or inhouse server


Upload assay images to your private account on the MetaVi Labs cloud (or an in-lab appliance).

center of mass displacements chart sample


Collaborate with our team to provide feedback on key measurements you wish to know. 

forward migration index chart sample


MetaVi Labs customizes computer vision algorithms to automate analyses. View Sample Report.

Get The Data Your Scientists Need to Succeed

Automate your microscopy analysis with MetaVi Labs and know what your cells are doing. We deliver complete tracking data and publishable reports in less than 20 minutes. Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation.

MetaVi Labs Accelerates Your Research

No more wasting time with cell-tracking software. No more tedious manual cell tracking. Just upload your images and we do the rest!

Identify Cocultured T-Cells and Tumor Cells

Single Cell Tracking of Velocity, Distance, etc.

Fast! Complete in 20 Minutes or Less

Customized Reporting to Fit Your Research

Running T-Cell and Tumor Cell Counts

Measure T-Cell Synapse Formation

Quantify Cell Death and Serial Killing

Cell Tracking Overlay Movie Shows Results

In Vitro and In Vivo Research

Cloud Based Software or Onsite Appliance

Expert Assay & Microscopy Support

Support For Many Different Microscopes

Leading edge updates are available to you and your team. We provide news you can use regarding single cell tracking, chemotaxis, cancer research, assay creation, and much more.

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