About MetaVi Labs, Inc.

MetaVi Labs accelerates cancer research using cutting-edge computer vision tools. We empower researchers to use direct observation to accurately quantify and objectively analyze cancer cells, immune cells, and their interactions. Our focus is cancer drug discovery.



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    Automated Tracking of Free-Roaming Cells in 3D Collagen

    As he pioneered the discovery of the anti-metastatic effect of beta blockers on tumor cell migration, MetaVi Labs Co-founder Frank Entschladen collaborated with fellow Co-founders David Drell, Andy Thysen, and Theodore Drell to automate cell tracking. From this collaboration, MetaVi Labs was born. See the original 3D collagen tracking videos and report here.

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    2013 (and ongoing)

    Myelodsyplastic Syndromes Diagnosis with Neutrophil motility in peripheral blood

    In cooperation with Prof. M. Gunzer and Germing/Möller, UH Düsseldorf

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    Partnered with ibidi

    Established a distribution partnership with ibidi, the developer of advanced products for functional cell-based assays and cell microscopy.

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    September, 2017

    Launched Tumor Spheroids Tracking for Individual Patient Treatment Optimization

    In cooperation with Prof. Peter Friedl MD Anderson/Radboud Univ (The Netherlands), EU MULTIMOT Project.

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    November, 2017

    Launched commercially available angiogenesis-tube formation analysis reporting system to the market.

    Launched Wound Healing, Angiogenesis Tube Formation and High Content Analyses Systems. Sold via ibidi.

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    May, 2018

    Launched Chemotaxis Assay

    Launched the premiere chemotaxis assay tracking solution on the market today. 

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    September, 2018

    MetaVi Labs ACAS—Automated Cellular Assay System—now in use by over 300 labs.

    Over 300 labs are tracking their Angiogenesis Tube Formation, Wound Healing, and Sheroid images with MetaVi Labs.

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    November, 2018

    Introduces Pathotaxis Assay Tracking

    Pioneered by MetaVi Labs, Pathotaxis is a new method of tracking the movement of immune cells toward cocultured pathogens while quantifying velocity, synapse formation, apoptosis, and serial killing.

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