Assay Description

This assay is optimized for dark field images of moving cells such as tumor cells. Choose this version of chemotaxis assay if your image and cells have similar characteristics as the image below.

Microscopy Requirements

Microscopy Imaging Mode
Microscopy Resolution
Optimal: 2.0 pixels/µm; Minimum: 0.5 pix/µm
Field of View
1.5 to 2 mm square
Time Between Frames
10 seconds to 120 seconds
Image Size
Typically 1024 to 2048 pixels wide
Image Aspect Ratio
Acceptable range is 4:3 to 16:9
Compatible Image Formats
jpg, png, bmp, tif
Compatible Video Formats
mp4, avi, mov, multi-frame-tif
Cell Density
60 / 1.0 mm2
Typical Cell Size
30 µm with a max extension of 100 µm

Example Image

In the sample movie shown, note the cell density is relatively low (60 cells – preventing excessive cell-to-cell contacts). The image microscopy resolution is 2.06 pix/µm. The size is 2080 x 1584 pixels (1006 µm x 768 µm).

In this example the typical cell is bounded by a box of 62 x 62 pixels (which is 30.01 µm because the microscopy resolution is 2.06 pix/µm).

chemotaxis darkfield df30100 small sample image
chemotaxis darkfield df30100 large sample image

Try It Yourself

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Sample Time-lapse Movies for Upload

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Reference Paper

Reference Paper on co-culturing T-Cells and Cancer Cells: Neurotransmitters regulate the migration and cytotoxicity in natural killer cells

Using peripheral blood natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) cells, we show that the neurotransmitters endorphin, histamine and substance P increase NK cell cytotoxicity, while norepinephrine inhibits cytotoxicity. Moreover, substance P reduces migratory activity, while norepinephrine