Assay Description

This assay is optimized for Phase Contrast (DIC is also acceptable) images to study the coordinated movement of a cell population.

Gap orientation: Horizontal or Vertical

Gap center: Must be clearly visible in the center of the first image

Microscopy Requirements

Microscopy Resolution
0.5 to 2.0 pix per um
Field of View
1 to 1.5 mm square
Time Between Frames
1 to 10 minutes
Image Size
Minimum: 500 px by 500 px; Maximum: 3840 px by 2160 px
Image Aspect Ratio
Acceptable range is 4:3 to 16:9
Compatible Image Formats
jpg, png, bmp, tif
Compatible Video Formats
mp4, avi, mov, multi-frame-tif
Cell Density
optically confluent cell monolayer

Example Image

Wound Healing Assay Large Sample Image

Try It Yourself

Try it your self by downloading these sample wound healing movies. Be sure to extract the movies from the zip file before uploading the movies (right click, then 'extract all'). The resolution of the sample movies is 0.54 pix/µm.

Sample Report
View Sample Wound Healing Assay Report

In the sample report you will see the many ways the resulting data is presented such that the researcher can instantly get a feel for the experiment results.

Sample Time-lapse Movies for Upload
Click here to download sample movies. Be sure to extract the zip file before uploading to your ACAS account.