Posted on Aug 8, 2018

Cytotoxic T cells are those cells of the immune system that are naturally destined to kill cells of the body that display an aberrant expression of antigens such as virus-infected cells and tumor cells. Their duty is based on two functions: find the pathogenic cell and kill it. Novel immune therapy approaches have armed cytotoxic T cells with special receptors, the so-called chimeric antigen receptors (CAR), that enables these cytotoxic T cells to efficiently kill their target, especially with regard to cancer cells. Several clinical studies on various types of cancer are currently ongoing.

Quantification of killing, the decision between life and death is easy to measure in a lab in order to verify the functionality of the CAR T cells. In contrast, movement of these cells towards a pathogenic cell – a process that we have termed as Pathotaxis – is a gradual cell function that is very difficult to quantify. But if the CAR T cells don’t find their target, they cannot kill it. This vitally essential issue of inappropriate trafficking is addressed in this paper. MetaVi Labs is providing solutions to overcome these hurdles in pre-clinical research of CAR T cell immunotherapy and any other cell-based therapeutic approaches.

Read the paper at Pubmed: "Chimeric Antigen Receptors T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumor: Challenges and Clinical Applications"

Posted on May 7, 2018

Un-labeled Cell Tracking Demo labeled image

Un-labeled Cell Tracking Demo labeled

Motion Stabilization

Before (un-stabilized):

After (stabilized):

Posted on Apr 15, 2018

We have made good progress thanks to our alpha-test partners supplying excellent samples. We have algorithms that now track immune cells and pathogen cells when each is captured on an independent image channel (i.e. two labels).

We are also extracting mini-movies of each pathogen around the time of an attack. We indicate the attack with a yellow circle. The yellow cross-hair indicates the center of the pathogen cell. Samples and a full report link are below.

We next will start working on fine-tuning the parameters that define an attack event such as how long it must last, better resolution of contact between the two cells, etc.

Full report here. Each report will contain the pathogen cell track videos (samples below). These can be found in the Well Details tab.

For best viewing click on the full-screen icon in each movie. The radar plots associated with each pathogen track movie are clickable to get full-screen versions.

pathogen cell 11 plot chart

pathogen cell 13 plot chart

pathogen cell 16 plot chart

pathogen cell 22 plot chart

Below is the full track movie and the original, un-processed movie.

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

Posted on Feb 5, 2018

Below are a few sample chemotaxis movies that were created from real lab well images. This should give you an idea of how we can help your lab and research efforts. Contact us if you have any questions at all, or would like to get a free demonstration using your own well images.

Fibroblasts in an ibidi µ-Slide chamber.

MDA-MB-231 in 3D Collagen, Treated with Propranolol.

MDA-MB-231 in 3D Collagen, Control (no treatment).

Neutrophils on 2D, Bright-field

Neutrophils with Aspergillus.

Posted on Dec 6, 2017

Below are time-lapse movies of untreated and Propranolol treated cells. You can observe the dramatic difference in cell migration over a 10-hour period.

The video below is of un-treated mda-mb-231 cells over 10 hours in a 3D Collagen matrix.

The video below is of Propranolol treated mda-mb-231 cells over 10 hours in a 3D Collagen matrix.

Take a Look at the Automated Analysis Report

Sample Analysis Report

Read More about our automated cell migration assay

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