Before undertaking a custom project, we need to collect some basic information to make sure we can get the job done right the first time.

  1. Are the cells on a 2D surface or in a 3D matrix?
    1. if 3D, are z-stacks created?
    2. Is tracking between z-stacks required?
  2. What is the maximum and typical diameter of the cells?
  3. What is the imaging technique?
    1. bright-field (not recommended)
    2. dark-field (preferred)
    3. phase-contrast (preferred)
    4. fluorescence
      1. how many channels
      2. list the color labels and what each label represents
  4. What is the camera resolution (in pixels) and the field of view width (in micrometers)?
  5. What type of chambers are being used?
    1. ibidi µ-Slide
    2. Dunn chamber
    3. Other?
  6. What is being measured?
  7. Are there specific csv file data formats required for the results?
  8. What is the file format of the images?
    1. Time-lapse or endpoint?
    2. If time-lapse, are the source files
      1. mp4, avi, or mov files?
      2. a folder with a collection of bmp, jpg, png, or tif, that makes up one movie?
      3. multi-frame tif files with one time-lapse per tif?
      4. a folder containing tif files, where each tif file contains multiple fluorescence channels, and multiple tiff files make up one time-lapse sequence?