The user can set the range of an X or Y axis, or a radius on a polar chart. This is accomplished by placing in the experiment-set description a text block of the following format:

# Chart = [chart title], maxRadius= [floating point value]#

Consider the following example. To limit the radial range to 100 um, set the chart title to the full title exactly as show in the report chart.  Set the max radius to a floating point or whole number of microns (using the US system for decimal points).

# Chart = Trajectory plot - f_icam-1_cd3_sus_1ng-ml_sdf1a, maxRadius=100#

chart axis range trajectory plot

Note the chart title will also do partial matches. So if you want to set the same range on all trajectory plots, set the chart title to "Trajectory plot" which will match all trajectory plots in the report.

edit experiment set form description detail

After adding and saving the text string in the set description, you should then click the report icon report icon to generate a new report. You can find the report icon next to the experiment in the table of experiments, or inside an experiment details page.

chart axis range trajectory plot