How to set up your lab experiments to get the best possible data from your efforts.

Help Selecting Plates

About Plate Selection and Reports

Because the final report will compare results from all wells in the plate, the plate selection is important for creating the correct number of wells. For example, if you choose a 24 well plate, 24 wells will be created and the report will compare the results for 24 wells.

2D Experiment Culture Design

A 2D imaging experiment setup is preferred for un-labeled cell tracking of smaller cells such as immune cells. In MetaVi Labs' pathotaxis experiments when immune cells are co-cultured with pathogenic cells, 2D allows improved tracking of the immune cells (when the immune cells are un-labeled).

While tumor cells will adhere to glass or plastic, immune cells require a protein coating. Fortunately, this is easily accomplished with slides from ibidi.

Modifications to ibidi Protocols

We recommend ibidi slides and their associated protocols. However, please note: