If you are uploading multi-frame files (mp4, avi, mov, tif), the file size is limited to 150 MB.

If you are uploading single frame images (jpg, bmp, png) the file size limit is 150 MB for the aggregate of all the images.  When uploading 30 images or less, the ACAS system  will aggregate all your uploaded files into a single zip file per well. When uploading more than 30 images, the files will be aggregated into an mp4 movie file. The movie file compression may result in a aggregated file size which is smaller than the total of the individual frames.

The free Individual Researcher account is limited to 5 GB of storage. To save storage space and decrease upload times, we recommend that single frames should be stored as jpg or png files rather than bmp (bmp files are not compressed).

For time-lapse movies, we recommend h.264 compression inside an mp4 container.