Q: How do I calculate pixel resolution?

A: answer here

Q: Why I am not getting any reports?

 A:  A report will not be auto-generated until all created wells have track data. In order to get track data, the input images must be first uploaded to all wells, and then the analyzer must process all wells and upload the track data. An analyzer job is created automatically when the raw data is uploaded. But it may take a few minutes to a few hours for the analyzer to get to the job depending on the work load. If you have not filled all the wells in your selected plate, you can delete empty wells. Click the report icon report icon to generate (or regenerate) a report once all the empty wells have been filled or deleted.

Q: How to I upload multiple image files to a well?

A: answer here

Q: In Wound Healing Assays, why do some (not all) of the movies uploaded not get tracked or the covered area indication is not correct?

A: The most common reason here would be a wrong Pixel per µm calculation. The Tracked Movie may find cells randomly based on cell size changes over time.  Calculating Pixel Resolution

Q: Why does my Report show 0 Value in some (not all) of the experiment wells where I would expect a lot of activity?

A-1: Please check, if your created tracked video files show a complete cell tracking (colored path). If not, please check if the µm per Pixel  settings are correct for the uploaded images or video.

A-2: Also, please check that your selected Assay type (in the experiment-set) matches your actual assay.

Q: How many different User Groups does ACAS support?

A: We allow 2 different type of Groups. “Administrators” and “Users”. Names which are participants in the “Users” group can create experiments and allow others to work on their own created projects or projects. Administrators can manage Users and other Administrators accounts. They can also manage Project owners over all “Administrators” and “Users”, no matter if they are already owner or participant of one of the projects.

Q: Why do I not receive email notifications from ACAS?

A: Your login name is an email address - please be sure to use a valid and active email address. Your local in-house ACAS contact has administrator rights which will allow the changing of email addresses. Also, check your email spam folder.