About Plate Selection and Reports

Because the final report will compare results from all wells in the plate, the plate selection is important for creating the correct number of wells. For example, if you choose a 24 well plate, 24 wells will be created and the report will compare the results for 24 wells.  The reports will not be automatically generated until all 24 wells have been populated with input images and those images have been processed.

If you only upload say 20 wells in a 24 well plate, you will not get a report. If you don't intent to upload all 24 wells, you can delete the remaining open wells, then click the report generation icon: report icon

Note: If you choose a plate with multiple wells but do not upload images for all of the wells, a report will not be generated. The report tool waits for results from all wells before generating a final report.

The Custom Plate

The Custom plate is the most flexible. The Custom plate is very flexible because the number of wells is determined when you upload your files. Any number starting from 1 is allowed.

Your well names will be assigned based on the name of the files uploaded or the folders containing the files. These well names will be propagated to your final report.

Manually Generating A Report

You can always edit the well names and regenerate a report by clicking on the report icon shown here: report icon

Well Naming

If you use the wizard to upload files, the wells will be renamed using the file name (or folder name if you have one folder per well).  But if you upload one image file for each well manually, then you will have the option to keep the default well name or use the file name.

Click here to view the plate guide:

selecting plates