We have made good progress thanks to our alpha-test partners supplying excellent samples. We have algorithms that now track immune cells and pathogen cells when each is captured on an independent image channel (i.e. two labels).

We are also extracting mini-movies of each pathogen around the time of an attack. We indicate the attack with a yellow circle. The yellow cross-hair indicates the center of the pathogen cell. Samples and a full report link are below.

We next will start working on fine-tuning the parameters that define an attack event such as how long it must last, better resolution of contact between the two cells, etc.

Full report here. Each report will contain the pathogen cell track videos (samples below). These can be found in the Well Details tab.

For best viewing click on the full-screen icon in each movie. The radar plots associated with each pathogen track movie are clickable to get full-screen versions.

pathogen cell 11 plot chart

pathogen cell 13 plot chart

pathogen cell 16 plot chart

pathogen cell 22 plot chart

Below is the full track movie and the original, un-processed movie.

Sunday, April 15, 2018 By admin