Web Based or In-Lab Solutions Available

Wound Healing Assay

MetaVi Labs has partnered with ibidi to automate the analysis of the ibidi Wound Healing Assays. After a few clicks of the mouse to upload your time-lapse images, the Automated Cellular Analysis System (ACAS) will provide you with a completed report.

Customers can lease access to the cloud based system, or purchase an ACAS appliance to be located in their labs.

Integrated Project Management Database

The ACAS adds the convenience of storing and managing all of your raw data, processed data, and reports in one place. Search filters make it easy to lookup your data at any time. All data is accessible via webpages. Users may upload raw data for processing from any convenient computer with a web-browser. Users are notified of completed jobs with emails which include links to the reports.

Access to project data is controlled via user accounts. Large labs can organize and control user access to critical data.

Automated Reports

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The ACAS will automatically processes raw image sequences from multiple wells and generates tracked movies and consolidated reports. All charts are formatted as png image files which users can then include in papers and presentations. The reports also include tab delimited raw data files.


The ACAS uses high-powered numerical processors (learn more about NVIDIA scientific computing) and innovative machine vision algorithms to provide new levels of accuracy and reliability to the read-outs.


MetaVi Labs designs custom image processing algorithms suitable for each specific application. In the case of wound healing, we accept a large range of images independent of cell type. The processing chain takes raw, noisy input and returns gap statistics with no intervention from the user.

The only requirement is that a gap be visible in the first frame and less than 20% of the non-gap surface area should be un-covered.

Wound Healing Automation Report - Scratch Open Area All Positions
Posted on Saturday, May 7, 2016