Start by choosing your assay.

Assay Portfolio

Then, choose the best implementation for your lab:

MetaVi Labs Cloud

There is no need to build your own infrastructure to get superior analysis. Save costs and deployment time by using the MetaVi Labs cloud. Upload your microscopy video or images to your cloud account and receive a complete and accurate assay report within a few minutes. Scaleable to meet the needs of any lab.

  • Fast: results in less than 20 minutes
  • Your microscopy
  • Quickly scalable
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Secure


If you need the fastest possible results or need to keep all data onsite, the MetaVi Labs Appliance is the answer to your assay analysis needs. Our system will sit on your network and process images automatically and quickly. Customizable to meet high-throughput systems.

  • Fastest: results in near real time
  • Your microscopy
  • Onsite
  • More Secure

Custom Development

If you are working with unique requirements, cells, or measurement goals, MetaVi Labs custom reporting can help. You provide your goals and desired data along with example microscopy and we will build a custom assay report that gives you the exact data you need. This then becomes available to you on your cloud account or appliance.

  • Custom for any experiment
  • High-quality reporting
  • Custom tracking algorithm