For fluorescence, phase-contrast, bright field, and dark-field imaging, we recommend the following ibidi chambers. These chambers have high-resolution bottoms and chamber walls that will not interfere with the side-illumination used in dark-field.

In all live culture experiments, meniscus formation is a concern. A meniscus forms if the culture is allowed to dry out during the course of the experiment. The meniscus forms something of a lens effect and distorts the image around the edges. To eliminate the formation of a meniscus, it's important to have a properly sealed chamber. Also, a larger chamber is better because it keeps the edge meniscus outside of the center field of view.

The following ibidi chambers are recommended:

µ-Slide VI 0.4

µ-Slide 4 Well Ph+

The larger 35 mm dishes will also work since the have a quite large well where the meniscus is less prominent:

µ-Dish 35 mm, high

ibidi has a free sample program: