MetaVi Labs runs a hosted service that helps biology researchers do their work more efficiently. We offer accounts to individuals and teams. Our Automated Cellular Analysis System (ACAS) has several assay modules that we developed which automate the measurement of cellular changes in video-microscopy recordings. We have developed innovative algorithms to solve problems that have not been solved previously. Like all work in science, our work is imperfect and improves over time.

We typically offer free trials so that our customers can evaluate our services to determine if these services are valuable and useful. We also work in close collaboration with customers to customize our services. If our customers determine that our service is useful, we hope they will purchase some of our services.

Please read below the General Terms of Purchase.

Terms of Purchase:

1. Please read and agree to the Terms of Service before making a purchase: Terms of Service

2. Users should take advantage of the free evaluation services to determine if our services are of value before making a purchase.

3. Purchases are not refundable.

4. Subscriptions are paid in advance. For example, a one-year subscription is paid at the start of the year and provides one year of service. A second year of service must be purchased in advance of the second year.

5. Subscription purchases are not refundable.